Nov 15, 2017
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Kratom Risks? FDA Threatens Ban in 2017 (sad)

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Hey everyone…

Once again, the FDA threatens a kratom ban.  In late 2016, the DEA tried to schedule 1 the plant, but there was such a backlash that they held off.

One year later, they are coming after it, yet again.

Folks, this is ridiculous.  In our society, we are long overdue at making the natural Marijuana plant legal, and it is FINALLY happening.

Kratom is no different.  It’s a green plant from the earth.  Here are the numbers, courtesy of the American Kratom Association, who has been tracking this stuff closely because of their fear of FDA/DEA.

FDA says 36 deaths have been caused by the drug, which conflicts with none proven according to the American Kratom Association.

Chris Bell, a filmmaker, mentioned on Joe Rogan’s podcast that he interviewed one of the parents who claimed that Kratom was the root cause of her son’s death.  That son was also on 3 big pharma drugs at the time.  Also according to Bell, Big Pharma could be involved because there are a couple patents on the alkaloids in the plant.  You can hear more of the podcast here:

You have an opioid crisis, and the only natural substance that is saving lives is actually being considered to be shut down.  Trump has declared the Opioid epidemic as a ‘natural emergency’, and while Trump himself may not know much about kratom, once he sees the backlash on Twitter (happening now), I am sure that he would change his mind.

Kratom is like marijuana – both in nature, not a synthetic, man-made substance.  It’s hard to control stuff from nature, and easy to tweak ‘from nature’ with something man-made to create a drug.  Example?  Painkillers usually have the synthetic acetaminophen and are combined with our poppy seed (from nature) alkaloids codeine, and so forth.  So you ban codeine/poppy seeds, the stuff that really works, but always make the man-made substance (acetaminophen as our example here,) legal.  As with most man-made synthetic substances, acetaminophen is trash, linked to tons of side effects and is terrible for the liver.

Appears they want to do the same with Kratom.  Take a look at this reddit post.

Kratom MUST be kept legal and we MUST fight to keep it legal.  Thousands of lives have been saved because of this plant.  Not to mention that it relieves anxiety, which in the US, anything natural that relieves anxiety is needed.

Even I was against Kratom in the beginning – but when I tried it, I loved it.  In fact, I even tried to up my dose to see what would happen, and mother nature didn’t let me OD. (as the case with natural substances, like marijuana).  Mother nature simply gave me the same effect, regardless if I upped my dose or not.  It was amazing.  I take it for headaches and anxiety from time to time. There is no doubt that ‘lawsuits galore’ will take place if they pull this plant from people who are relying on it to stay away from addiction in order to avoid something much worse.

Let’s face it, if Kratom is pulled, thousands more will die.  Because you are NOT fixing any root causes of addiction by pulling a natural plant that’s giving them NATURAL RELIEF!

No big pharma, we do not want a man-made synthetic drug to replace our man-made synthetic opioids.

Please email your senators to fight for the kratom plant!  Tweet the FDA and DEA!  Whatever it takes!  Hashtag #keepkratomlegal and #kratomsaveslives

By the way, Chris Bell is about to release a new movie called, “A Leaf of Faith” – see below for the amazing preview!

Joe Rogan Experience Podcast
Chris Bell – Twitter @bigstrongfast
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