May 11, 2017
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Activating The Pineal Gland by Decalcification

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Activating The Pineal Gland by Decalcification

Also known as “the third eye,” “the seat of consciousness,” “the mind’s eye,” or “the all-seeing eye,” is the “Pineal Gland.” It is located in the most centered part of the human brain but cloaked in more mystery than one might understand. The pineal gland is tiny, pine cone in shape and reddish-gray in color, yet it’s  relevance and presence far surpasses its physiological visages.

The pineal gland produces a hormone known as “Melatonin” in the epithalamus, close to the center of the brain. The melatonin secreted, is a serotonin-derived hormone accountable for controlling the body’s biorhythms such as how and when we sleep and wake.


Having highlighted the relevance of the pineal gland in the human body, the importance of having it active can therefore not be overemphasized. A pineal gland can be said to be active if it is free of toxic substances such as calcium. Such pineal glands can thus help people to have a more positive intuition, wonderful meditations, and the ability to have greater insight.

Here are some pineal gland activation techniques;


Decalcification of the Pineal  Gland

This is simply the removal of accumulated calcium phosphate crystals from the pineal gland, thereby enabling the gland to function adequately. In accordance with numerous esoteric schools, a calcified pineal gland can lead to such defects like; jealousy and envy, pessimism, paranoia, anxiety and depression, confusion and delusion, neurological disorder and so on.

Below are a few guidelines for decalcifying and activating the pineal gland


Avoiding processed foods: Processed foods usually contain preservatives, chemicals or sedatives which are all hazardous factors for premature aging as well as the calcification. It is, therefore, advisable for you to always go for plant-based organic living foods.


Sun Gazing: This is the practice of gazing at the sun daily, all it takes is staring at the sun for at least ten seconds daily. The theory backing this practice is that the sun being the force of all life can impact the body system with a significant amount of energy by simply staring at it. Sun gazers claim to enjoy the following benefits from the daily practice;  increase energy levels,  increase in the actual size of the pineal, promote weight loss and boosts production of melatonin and serotonin.


Appreciate Darkness: Just like the sun, darkness also directly activates the pineal gland. So, I advise you ensure your bedroom is completely dark during bed time.


Meditation  Technique

This is self explanatory. The third  eye, which is scientifically known as the Pineal  Gland is the organ that connects you  with the universe. So, when you meditate on a thought with a feeling in the third eye it will bring the thought to reality.


This is so, because your thoughts are not judged by the third eye due to its straightforwardness. It interprets  your  thoughts  exactly as they are unlike the cerebellum, making it the main site for all of your intuitive thoughts. It interprets whatever information you give to it, accordingly. What this simply means is that, meditation is one of the major technique of activating and maximizing the Pineal  Gland.


Herbs Technique

It is no longer news that there’s an abundance of edible and medicinal plants growing all around you. For a very long time now, the role of herbs in improving the overall health of the body is becoming more and more imperative. The failure of conventional methods of medicine in providing safe and practical long-term solutions to age-old problems is now forcing more people into alternative modalities. Although everyone is prone to certain health issues like calcification, it’s, however, more common with individuals who eat a poor diet. The core reason for this problem is  overexposure to phosphorus and fluoride that unsettles your body’s mineral balance. This causes your pineal gland to calcify quickly.


Almost 50% of Americans experience calcification of the pineal gland by age 18.

The best solution is to obliterate junk foods and minimize your fluoride exposure. You need to take more of herbs which are raw, healthy foods to aid in decalcifying and alleviate the pineal gland. Try the following herbal foods to improve the health of your pineal gland.


Beets – Beets are herbaceous plants cultivated widely as a source of food for humans; they’re characterized by their deep, dark red color and contain boron. This herb helps in balancing your intake of calcium and remove metals. It also removes other compounds, like fluoride. They contain enough vitamins B to help maintain energy and encourage cellular health.


Neem Extract – Researches have proven this extract to be a very powerful tool against microbes and other harmful organisms. The extract gives support to your immune function, enabling your body to be more successful in removing harmful organisms before they can attack tissues like the pineal gland. This minimizes the chance of gland calcification.


Tamarind – Consumption can naturally detox fluoride according to results of a study carried out on the plant. Numerous studies have pointed out that too much fluoride consumption is harmful to the brain. This has a destabilizing effect on the pineal gland.

So, my advice is you take tamarind quite regularly to help keep your pineal gland active. It’s absolutely necessary to eliminate sources of fluoride as well as avoid junk foods because, if this isn’t done, then other efforts taken to keep your pineal gland active will count for nothing.

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