May 11, 2017
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Advantages of Dreaming

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Top 5 advantages to dreaming - dreams are healthy - top supplements to take for dreaming

Top 5 advantages to dreaming – dreams are healthy – top supplements to take for dreaming

A dream is a wish your heart makes- “Walt Disney”


In ancient times, people were fascinated by dreams.  It was seen in a religious context by the Greek and Romans who believed that it could be a message from the gods.  Even from the dead.  At that time people dedicated their time to seek the interpretation of their dreams for solutions on what to do or what course of action to take in their day to day lives.

Aristotle believed that dreams were an outcome of physiological functions and could be used to diagnose illness, predicting the onset of diseases.  He saw dreams as a function of our imagination or divination through sleep and he believed that our dreams were formed through the perception of our mind.


During the medieval times, dreams were seen as evil and its images were temptations from the devil.   The Chinese believed that the soul leaves the body to go in this dream world.  Be it as it may, we have the power to believe a dream or not.  Understanding dreams is not an easy task, people have been trying to understand their dreams for centuries, and those acts of trying to understand gives dream’s their meaning.


It’s true that dreams can be complex, but there are simple steps you can apply to understanding your dream and make sense of it.


  1. Trust yourself to interpret your dream and do not rely on someone explaining your dreams to you. This is a big problem people have.  Asking others what it means.  If you ask several people, you will see that they all will joke about it or interpret it differently.  There is no point in asking others.
  2. Consider having a dream journal; this will help you to take note of your dreams, the events that occurred, the environment and location it took place.
  3. Write down the characters you saw in your dream. Remember, some characters in a dream appear there for some reason so try to understand the imagery or role each character played in the dream whether negative or positive. You have to view your dream as prose or drama or some kind of literature.
  4. Ask yourself what happened in your dream and write it down. Did you see any character familiar to you in your waking life? What were their emotions? Did you see animals or symbols? A psychologist, Dr. Jung believed that we are all connected through an aspect of our unconscious, called the “collective conscious.” There have even been reports where you might see someone that looks familiar, and turns out, maybe you saw them in a dream but never in real life.
  5. Was there something like a fairy tale in your dream (universal symbols)? For instance, a wise old man or woman or healer. If you saw such symbols, try to decode what they meant in the context of your dream.
  6. Connect your dreams to your previous dreams. Are they related? Is it part of a repeating dreaming scenario? If so, what are the possible shared meanings?


For example, every morning I would note my dreams in Evernote and after a while I was able to interpret better and even tie specific dreams together.  I noticed that I was dreaming about old locations in my real-life a lot.  Old schools, jobs, and all of the people in my life.  The dreams always tied to past locations and people and would even mix them up.  It would make me want to spend time with those people and even remind me to check on them.  So many examples for another blog!





According to Rosalind D. Cartwright, PhD, professor emeritus of psychology at Rush University in Chicago, and author of the twenty- four Hour Mind: The Role of Sleep and Dreaming in Our Emotional Lives, dreams could be a way to help regulate your mood.


Professor Cartwright described dreaming as a means for regulating negative emotion during paradoxical sleep (REM). In her research, negative experiences are awakened during sleep and carried forward to the REM, where it is matched with a similar feeling to earlier memories, a network of older associations is stimulated and displayed as a sequence of compound that we experience as dreams. The merging of old and new memory fragments adjusts the network of emotional self-defining memories and organizes a positive picture as a dream for the sleeper.

So dreaming helps you to work out your emotional issues by giving you a positive perspective about your emotions and challenges.  With me, every single time I wanted to get over an ex-girlfriend, I would consistently dream about them.  I believed that it was the minds way of getting closure to that relationship.



Your dreams show you an insight into what is happening in your internal world, in your environment, and with people around you. It gives you access to the future and this insight helps you prepare for the successful results you desire. In addition to correcting your mistakes, the warnings and predictions will protect you and help you achieve all your goals.



Death is a sting and nothing is bitter as the death of a young person. The superconscious wisdom that comes with dreaming and the ability to visualize will help you learn how to prevent untimely death and premature death of your children and spouse.



Dreaming helps you to solidify your memories. The semantic memory helps you to sharpen your ability to remember facts while the episodic memory helps you when you want to acquire new skills and brings to perfection the ones you already have.

This is highly beneficial to students and athletes. So dreaming helps you to anchor everything you learned during the day and consciously choose other things you want to reinforce in your memory.


Dreams help you in decision making, health issues, and relationship. It also guides you in any area you might be experiencing struggles or difficulties. Your dreams allow you to be a princess, the queen of the ball, or that old wise woman who sparks up her environment and adds life to it. More so, you have the power to reject any negative dream it all depends on your ability to develop your conscious mind, your zeal to wield the power of your mind.

I dream heavily and since I take so many supplements I didn’t know if it was the foods that I ate or the supplements that were causing me to dream.  I began taking skate liver oil for my pineal gland and it really impacted my dreaming.  But later down the line, about 2 years later, I stopped taking one of my HGH supplements that had Alpha GPC in it and my dreams began to fade.  I realized that it was the Alpha GPC in combination with other supplements that were causing me to dream so well.

Here is something crazy that happened to me:  I’ll probably do another blog where I actually break down all my dreams in a single blog.  But in order to understand dreams, you have to know more about the person.

I was dreaming so much that there were things i was remembering in my dreams that only happened in other dreams.  I didnt remember these things in real life until i dreamed them.  For example, I was talking to my real-life cousin in my dream and he mentioned someone in the dream that never existed in real life, but in my dream i remembered this person that he was describing from another dream, and said “Oh yeah, Kevin, i remember him from last time he came over.”  This is after dreaming deeply for a while. Kevin never existed in real life, only in the dream world, and my dreams started to relate.  This leads me to believe that dreams are truly another reality – something separate from our own world. Another dimension of sorts, but we dont have it all figured out yet and part of the reason that we dont is because we dont dream enough due to the amount of poison (from food, air, stress) our body experiences this day and age.  I do know that brain supplements (like Alpha GPC) in combination with good fats like cod and skate liver oil will cause you to dream.  If you take anything for your pineal gland like Neem, dark chocolate, etc, they can help, too.


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Eleanor Roosevelt.


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