Jan 19, 2019
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Trump and Hillary – The Fake End-Times & Zionism

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Just as Albert Pike predicted in end-times, people seemed to have been forced to pick a side of good vs. evil as of late. 

This began in the 2016 United States presidential election where we had what appeared to be a new prophet – Donald Trump, sworn to uphold the “In God we trust’, bring back ‘Merry Christmas’ and other subtle topics bringing God back to the spotlight in politics as opposed to the opposition Hillary Clinton, representing ‘evil’.  While some would switch these, it doesn’t really matter, as unlike any other presidential campaign in history – you were FORCED to pick between very 2 opposite poles – good and evil.  In fact, the most opposite poles there ever were between 2 candidates.  And due to this, you believe that the ‘other side’ is evil and you’re good.  Due to this ‘boxing in’, you now MUST HATE what the other side loves.  If you don’t, you are a traitor and could even have less allegiance than what you already have and would be more divided than what this agenda has already created you to be. 

We now have a potential rebuilding of the 3rd temple which would usher in a potential Tribulation and Messiah from the Bible’s book of Revelation – and Trump would be praised as the man who brought it all in.  But the problem is, Zionism was not only behind 9/11, but Trump is bending over for Israel since he has been president – and Zionism has always been the new world order agenda – the SAME agenda people in the know recognize as Satanic.  So what gives?  Who is in the right here?  Who is good and who is evil?

There are now rumors that Wikileaks emails were frauds – the biggest fraud in conspiracy history.  In order to totally ELIMINATE all conspiracies that had already been revealed to the public, the Zionist agenda had to not only create a bigger conspiracy, but it had to force people to pick a side and cause more division than ever before.  It pushed people into 2 sides to where in the past, at least in years prior, most were free thinkers and had given up on the presidency, in general.  Also, by having WikiLeaks release the fake emails, the following agendas could be carried out by the Agentur of the new world order.

  1. Wikileaks could be tied with Russia, to create another cold war – but only once it was revealed that Russia had meddling with social media.
  2. From this, and the term ‘fake news’, they could create a 1st amendment shutdown, at least on the internet, by stating that once other countries are involved in our democratic elections, it is a form of terrorism, and terrorism always equals rights being stripped.
  3. Big tech would then reveal that they were liberal in nature, adding to more division and censorship.
  4. Russia could be hung over Trump and like JFK, if he gets out of line, the Russia ties with Trump that DO exist but with Israel backing could easily be revealed.
  5. To cause more division than ever before in America, weakening it from the inside, and setting the stage for communism, beginning with California, by first taking over Silicon Valley (Big tech), and Entertainment (Hollywood in California), and from California, and the next liberal president, a takeover begins, starting with gun control.
  6. To force a good vs. evil sub-narrative, unspoken of, that would force people to go deep into emotions and into their own ego, it would cause massive division.  Instead of the legislation being discussed, only insults and anger would occur as this is a battle of good vs. evil, for both sides.
  7. Christians, blinded, would boundlessly follow Trump and his support of Israel, without any knowledge of Zionism being behind 9/11 middle east war and destruction from the beginning.
  8. The emails being released would create a normalization of pedophilia, not to mention one email which described a sacrifice to Moloch, which is a sacrifice to Satan by Hillary – without directly covering this topic, but releasing it, and doing nothing about this behavior, it creates a sense of
  9. the CIA Q Anon Hoax which would carry Trump supporters slowly down a rabbit hole of false beliefs, holding support for him no matter what he did, with the continuing narrative that ‘evil will soon be destroyed but you must wait’.
  10. All conspiracy theorists are now ignored or their view has tilted toward the good vs. evil narrative ONLY, which limits them on what they cover and how, Alex Jones being a perfect example – because once the battle is good vs evil, all peoples knowledge is dropped and only God vs. Satan and who represents those deities is considered.  All people with knowledge on illuminati, 9/11, JFK, and ever other proven conspiracy out there has dropped knowledge in the HOPE that just this once, it will be different, because its good vs evil now, and that showdown is now – when the truth is…

There is no showdown.  What we are looking at good vs. evil is really evil vs. evil…. a manufactured end times to walk approximately 3/4ths of the world population into deceit, blindness, and potential destruction.

The Trump presidency has done a lot more – it would potentially build a wall to keep us IN, a cold war with China could take place due to trade issues – the United States being separated from the rest of the world in many instances, bump stocks banned as a first sign of gun control, free speech is leaving us on the internet, and war continues in the middle east.  Lets also not forget our environment and agriculture is still toxic and no one is getting any breaks on their ripoff student loan debt – while the 1980’s argument of ‘jobs, jobs, jobs’ being hailed as a good thing is actually a disaster as people are waking up and realizing that working your life away and just making the rich richer isn’t as big of a goal as they wanted.

It appears that the Trump presidency has actually done more harm than good, but the Trump supporters, now as divided from ever from reality and their ethics (as are the left), would argue that its the other sides fault – which is by design.

In the next coming years, things will get interesting my friends.

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