Apr 27, 2019
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Fake News Being Used to Crash 1st Amendment

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“Fake News” was designed to crash the 1st amendment – but most importantly, crash independent journalism (blogging, video recording, etc) of our corrupt law enforcement, police, and tyrant law of the sea government in the US. Basically, you are seeing the corporate media take the fall and act fake on PURPOSE so that we will soon have laws enacted that will block press from doing some things – but worse, this could FULLY block independent journalism, meaning you won’t be able to record public properly and buildings without police approval.

We already see this happening with Big Tech – blocking channels and pages of independent journalists across the web.

The first step to communism is to crash the 1st amendment but FIRST, make it appear that it crashed itself. When America crashes, they will blame it on Americans, instead of the way that America was set up in the first place with the corporate constitution after the Civil War.

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In a free society, there will be inequality.

In a truly equal society, nobody will be free.


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