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Hives CAN and WILL destroy your life.  Just ask me, who dealt with them for 5 years, getting them for the first time when running on a treadmill in November 2013.  5 years later, after each year of massive attempts to seek the root cause, I FINALLY BEAT THEM!  I told myself (and GOD!) that if I EVER beat these damn things, I would share with the world (or at least any sufferer of them!)

Now, first thing that most people think with hives is that they have heard many people talk about them, but offer NO SOLUTION that meets their satisfaction.  That includes their own Doctors!

In my video I talk about these facts:

·      I cut out everything to get rid of hives, and I list them all out (probably matching things that YOU have tried!

·      I discuss WHY doctors simply don’t know…  they are simply trained on allergies and reactive behavior versus the root cause (such as nervous and endocrine system issues)

·      How STRESS plays its factor, but it being more than just stress…

·      The timeline, and all the NATURAL things that didn’t work before I found THE THING…

·      …and so much more

In this 45 minute video, I read off my notes that I tracked during my 5 years of dealing with hives (from 2013-2018) and how I manage them today. 

The combination of all elements of nature is what will always WIN, but you must hear the story so that you can get into the mindset of 1) thinking naturally, 2) getting REAL HOPE that took me a long time to get, myself and 3) confidence that YOU CAN AND YOU WILL BEAT HIVES.

Hives are actually warning you to something bigger if you don’t change your life right now.  This is a serious issue and your body is warning you to get help NOW before something more serious could result.

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