Jan 27, 2019
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How To Destroy A Country – The Trump and Obama Effect

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  1. With money and media, you plan to use media first to create a popular, polarizing figure.
  2. The polarizing figure selects topics that are usually out-of-bounds, unspoken of, or were swept under the rug in recent past by the prior polarizing figure and brings them back into the light.
  3. the polarizing figure is polarizing because the views on the subjects are so STRONG on 1 side, with no middle position, nor any excuse except people were blind and he is the path to fix it all.
  4. the media who works with this polarizing figure does 3 important things to make the polarizing figure more polarizing
    1. acts shocked at the polarity and views themselves, either hating or loving them, leading the public on to ‘pick a side now’.
    2. but highlights them every single day, knowing they are angering half the audience and triggering emotion
    3. Add to the fear by adding onto the quotes, creating hatred or love, but none in the middle.
  5. The polarizing figures views are not repeated, but reinforced over and over again, triggering more emotion, splitting and dividing the people.
  6. once sides are divided, the polarizing figures views on all things they love are now hated by half.  This means any direction you wanted the country to go, you simply had a polarizing figure love it, so that  people who supported it in the past, or were in the middle, now hate it – as they are now overtaken by emotion.
  7. In addition, anyone who used to love something, if hated by their polarizing figure, now lean in the middle, or hate it, by almost half.
  8. This applies to everything from gun control, birth control, freedom of speech, religion, immigration, healthcare, economy, and more.
  9. The polarizing figure ends in defeat due to media influence, with the end of the story being that they ‘tried to help the best they could’ and the history books are closed on them.  The polarizing figures followers also defeated that things didnt happen.
  10. Once the polarizing figure with the media has created such division, once the new, opposite polarizing figure comes into the picture with opposite views of the prior, the country now more motivated for change than ever, and with the other side defeated and let down by the prior, change occurs in the direction the Zionist, communist agenda want to go.
  11. Back to step 1.  Repeat until rights taken away.

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