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In this category, we discuss traveling tips, green living, and ways to exit the matrix out of your current ‘life’ – including standard lifestyle stuff!  What is ‘the matrix’?  If you work 9-5 job, go to school, typically these types of things that cause you to become so busy that you lose track of what is really happening in the world.  Some of you might not even care and rely on the ‘mainstream media’ to keep you updated.  Not good.  Others want to know more, and in order to find out more, you have to set aside time to find out more.  You also have to ensure you do not trust the mainstream text and information that you are fed and seek elsewhere.  In doing this, you also need to ensure that you have specific plans to exit the matrix with caution as it can become very difficult after being inside of it for so long.  We discuss some helpful hints in this category.