May 11, 2017
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Tips to Avoid Injury during workout

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Tips to Avoid Injury While Working Out

Learn the tips to avoid injury while exercising so that you keep the motivation going.


The fear of getting a dreaded injury while exercising is always gripping us to the point of failing to train optimally. Injuries can keep you out of the gym for a long time that you many end up losing the motivation altogether. The majority of injuries in the gym occur because of poor training techniques.

To avoid injury while exercising and keep the body going, use these tips.

  1. Warm up

The rule of the thumb is to never workout cold muscles. Before you begin the workout, warm up to enable your body’s core temperature to increase. Warming up also allows the blood to flow to the muscles much faster as well as preparing you mentally for the workout. Do not stretch too deeply while warming up as overstretching will cause sluggishness in the muscles.

  1. Cross training

Changing the routine of your workouts by engaging in different activities can help you avoid hitting the plateau and get an injury. Give your muscles a break from the same workout program by cross training or by doing other exercises. Diversification of exercises helps both the muscles and the body metabolism as you’ll end up burning more calories than if you just did one workout program day in day out.

  1. Smart training

You can avoid injuries by training smart. This means that you set up your workout goals early enough to ensure they are realistic enough and that you can achieve them. Follow a workout plan that aims at working the muscles at the right intensity for the right duration. Don’t do a particular workout program because other people are doing it. Your body requirements vary and so are your workout requirements. Follow this tip and you’ll greatly prevent nagging injuries from occurring.

  1. Balanced diet

Your pre-workouts and post-workouts meals should be those that are meant to supply the body with easily digestible nutrients for recovery and maximum workout output. Your diet should consist of carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and other essential minerals. Carbs help to give you energy during the workout as well as replenishing the glycogen that is used up during the workout. Protein helps in body recovery by rebuilding the muscles following the workout. Water is also essential in hydrating the body and ensuring maximum performance during workouts. Checking on your nutrition before and after workouts can go a long way toward helping you avoid injuries.

  1. Listen to your body


When working out, your body will constantly give you signals on whether to continue or back off.  It is a mistake to push yourself too hard as it can lead to injuries such as sprains, stress fractures, and shin splints. Consider rest and recovery if you feel soreness in the muscles or aching of the knee or exhaustion.  Take days off to give your body time to recover as it might actually be making great gains during this period. Always listen to your body when you exercise and you’ll definitely reduce the risks of injury.

  1. Workout attire and techniques

Correct workout attire can greatly aid in reducing chances of injuries occurring. For example, you should have the correct pair of running shoes to ensure that your body weight, arch, and gait fit perfectly. Also, use the correct training techniques and machines. Ensure you carefully follow the instructions for using a workout machine or a workout program. They key is to build gradually by following the right routine, intensity, and repetitions.

Avoiding injuries during workouts requires that you make an action plan on how to exercise smoothly without getting injured. Follow these to get the best out of your workouts and avoid injuries.





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