Oct 15, 2016
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Disneyworld Florida Vacation Travel Tips

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We are going to discuss Disneyworld Florida Vacation Travel Tips that you must know before traveling to the most magical place on earth.

I had a great time when I went to Disneyworld, but if I could do it again, there is no doubt that I would change some things up.  Here is what I learned!

1. My Disney Experience App is a must.  Download it on your smartphone.  Not only does it show you wait times, but if you do the memory maker for 169.00, you can see photos almost realtime.  Also, you can now do the FastPass selections from that very app.  Download it in the app store if you have an iPhone.  This is very important.  I believe the app is also available for Android, too.

2. Your 3 fastpass selections are your best friend.  They will GUARANTEE that you ride the best rides at Disney.  After you use the 3 fastpasses, you can select more from your MDE app mentioned in bullet 1.  Oh yeah, but don’t count on some “hot” rides being available for fastpass last minute…  This is why selecting your 3 after you download the app after buying the tickets is vital to ride the best rides at Disney.  They recommend you reserve 3 months in advance or so.

BONUS! THE Best rides are the following:
Magic Kingdom – Mine train is alright, Space Mountain and Thunder/Splash Mountain take the win here, though.
Epcot – Mission Space and the Test Track. Test track goes 60 MPH, but doesn’t feel like it.  Fun ride.
Hollywood Studios – The Tower of Terror, Star Tours, and probably my favorite and best adult roller coaster amongst all 4 parks, Aerosmith’s Rockin Roller Coaster.
Animal Kingdom – The Kilamanjaro Safari is important if you are there to see animals, and yes, it is considered a ride.  Expedition Everest is a must, which falls into my overall #2 spot.  Space Mountain had that spot for me, but after riding it again, it fell off.  Don’t get me wrong, very fun ride though.

3. Expect a lot of people.  When you first started reading these Disneyworld Florida Vacation Travel Tips, I bet you knew this one was coming.  And it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, they’ll be there!  But Disney handles it very well.  Not only are most of the shows only 15 minute waits sometimes, but your 3 fastpasses already guarantee you are going to ride the best rides.  Sure, there may be some rides that you have to wait an hour at each park, but don’t worry about it, enjoy the happiest place on earth.  Don’t let the people intimidate you.  I walked 62 miles in 4 days, but oddly, it doesn’t seem like it when you’re having fun.  Try to go during the spring, when it’s not Holiday season and the summer when the kids are out of school.  I went in April, which was a great time to go


4. Bring your own food.  There are lockers in each park, but a lot of people carry backpacks.  If you bring a bag, it is searched at each park, for obvious reasons.  However, I brought a bag inside with a cooler at the bottom of the bag, where I was able to bring in healthier food than what Disney Parks have.  Disney food is very overpriced and I eat organic.  You will be paying for 2 people at least 30 bucks for meal.  That adds up.  Bring plenty of water, too.  I went to Whole Foods and stocked up my mini fridge in the hotel, then brought the food in and used one of the park’s lockers, which are like ten bucks.

5.Expect a little PDD, which is Post Disney Depression.  There are some rides at this park and shows that leave you feeling kiddish.  I am 30 years old, but it really brought me back to being a kid again, even with the adult stuff.  I enjoyed it, a LOT.  and the problem is, you don’t really know how much you enjoy it until you leave it, and that’s what the PDD is all about.  Sure, everyone may not experience this, but I did.  If you do, just plan for the next trip, or better yet, do Universal Studios next time! 🙂

If you aren’t staying in the park, use Uber for your transportation!  When it comes to these Disneyworld Florida Vacation Travel Tips, remember, that aside from Magic Kindgom, where you HAVE to be dropped off at the Transportation Center and metro or ferry down to get to Magic Kindgom, the rest of the parks you can be dropped off right at the front gate when taking Uber!  We stayed at Buena Vista Palace by Disney Springs, so it was still fairly close, but expecting bus routes will just waste Disney time!  Take an Uber, its worth the extra 15-20 bucks a day.

Have a great time and don’t forget these Disneyworld Florida Vacation Travel Tips that you’ll need when you are there.  With this you will be able to:

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